Home and Power's Refurbishing Process

Home and Power Six Point Quality Check

When you purchase Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® equipment refurbished by Home and Power, you are getting the same performance, quality, and peace of mind as when you buy new equipment.  

Our Six (6) Point Refurbishing Process ensures you receive the highest quality reconditioned product at an economical price.

      1. Inspection: Each unit is subjected to a thorough screening and physical inspection at every step of the process.
      2. Testing: A comprehensive set of diagnostic and functional tests are performed.
      3. Repair: Units failing any inspection and testing are repaired to Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® factory specifications, with the faulty components replaced as applicable. The units are then subjected again to our comprehensive testing process.
      4. Trusted Supply: All equipment and component parts come from Snow Joe® and Sun Joe® supply sources and is screened to ensure the parts are not counterfeit and they can be reconditioned.
      5. Cleaning: Each unit is cleaned and detailed. Old labels are removed and new labels applied. New fasteners and panels are installed as appropriate. Casings are cleaned, touched up, or repainted as applicable.
      6. Packaging: Units are carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box, and sealed in preparation for delivery.